A rare visitor to the UK and a current BBRC rarity.

Accepted records (6)Edit

  • 1893: Northolt (Middx), adult male present for six weeks then shot on July 25th (Glegg, 1935)
  • 1989: Waltham Abbey (Essex) flew over on May 14th, also seen over Cheshunt (Essex/Herts) and Amwell GP (Herts) (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1990: Tyttenhanger GP (Herts), on April 16th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1990: Kennington (Inner London), flew over The Oval on August 25th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1991: Epping Forest, on July 7th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 2002: Amwell GP (Herts), on June 4th (LBR 57)

The 1893 bird had been seen "killing and eating chickens. It was very shy, but was eventually shot on a haystack where it roosted. It was preserved by J.R. Goshawk of Harrow. R. Meinertzhagen, into whose possession the bird passed, informed me that it is now in the Liverpool Museum." (Glegg, 1935).

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