A rare visitor to the UK and a BBRC rarity until the end of 1990. Formerly considered a race of Common Teal, it was elevated to full species status by BOURC although it has since been 'lumped' by Clements.

Accepted records (11)Edit

  • 1961: Hilfield Park Reservoir (Herts), a drake on November 11th and 15th (LBR 57)
  • 1971: Barn Elms Reservoirs (Surrey), a drake on April 11th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1971: King George VI Res (Middx), a drake on April 13th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1985: Walthamstow Reservoirs (Essex), a drake from February 28th to March 27th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1990: Sevenoaks WR (Kent), a drake from February 6th to March 4th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1997: Beddington SF (Surrey), a drake on Dec 14th and again from January 17th to February 8th 1998 (LBR 62 & 63)
  • 1999: Hooks Marsh (Essex), a drake on February 11th-12th, then at Cornmill Meadows (Essex) from February 12th-16th (LBR 64)
  • 2002: Staines Reservoirs (Middx), a drake on March 9th (LBR 67)
  • 2003: Walthamstow Reservoirs (Essex), a drake intermittently from February 16th to March 10th, also seen at Girling Reservoir (Essex) on February 24th, Cornmill Meadows (Essex) on March 17th, Thamesmead (Kent) on March 23rd and Belvedere (Kent) on April 16th (LBR 68)
  • 2004: London Wetland Centre (Surrey), a drake on December 5th (LBR 69)
  • 2005: Staines Reservoirs (Middx) a drake from April 23rd-26th, then at Beddington SF (Surrey) on May 1st-2nd (LBR 70)

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