I’ve been birding on and off since being a small child and have just started up again as a regular birder since moving to London and getting a car. In May 2011 I attempted to spot 100 birds in 48 hours raising £300 for the RSPB and am considering giving it another bash in 2012. I think the main reason for failure was leaving it quite late in the year after the main Spring migration had passed but am confident it could still be done. Once thing the event did teach me though, was that there is birdlife in London that can be appreciated so I intend to take full advantage of that fact and bird away over my weekends and holidays from work.

I also volunteer for Wild Place Your Space as an events assistant, teaching kids and under privileged communities about wildlife and have also undertaken voluntary conservation programs in South Africa.

Anyway that’s me – and I’m sure I’ll see some of you out in the field especially if you are birding in any of my local patches near Enfield North London.

Good birding

Harry Boorman

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