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The League Table 2008 was last updated at on Saturday 27th December 2008 by AL Set up by Alan Lewis. Any problems with numbers, etc let me know on dairyhelp(at)

Position Name Location Total Pending
1st Paul Hawkins Rainham Marshes 140 0
2nd Steve Blake Tyttenhanger GPs 131 1~ Common Crane, Barnacle Goose. not included in total
3rd Jonathan Lethbridge Rainham Marshes 130 0
4th Andrew Self Brent Reservoir 127 0
5th Alan Shearman Rainham Marshes 124 0
6th Tony Duckett Regent's Park 121 0
7th John Archer Crossness 119 Richard's Pipit, WWB Tern (included in total)
=7th Dominic Mitchell Rainham Marshes 119 0
9th Dave Morrison Ingrebourne Valley 115 0
10th Des McKenzie Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens 110 Osprey (included in total)
=11th Dave Morrison West Thurrock Marshes 109 0
=11th Shaun Harvey Ingrebourne Valley 110 0
13th Bob Watts Alexandra Park 105 Honey Buzzard, Osprey (included in total).
14th Vince Halley-Frame Dagenham Chase LNR 107 Red-f Falcon & Crossbill (included in total).
15th Richard Francis Stocker's Lake 99 0
16th Gary A James Hackney Marshes 91 0
17th Dominic Mitchell Alexandra Park 89 0
18th Paul Hawkins mayesbrookpark 91 0
19th Gary A James Leyton Flats 87 0
=20th Matthew Palmer London Wetland Centre 83 0
=20th Jonathan Lethbridge Wanstead Park & Flats 83 0
=22nd Gabriel Jamie London Wetland Centre 76 0
=22nd Gary A James East India Dock 76 0
24th Tom Smith Osterley Park 70 0
25th Steve Gale Canon's Farm/Banstead Wood 66 0
=26th Steve Blake Aldenham Park 64 0
=26th Steve Gale Banstead Downs 64 Honey Buzzard, Osprey (included in total).
=26th Jonathan Dean London Wetland Centre 64 0
29th Steve Gale Epsom/Walton Downs 63 0
30th Andrew Self St James's Park 60 0
=31st Reuben Braddock Hampstead Heath 58 0
=31st Jonathan Lethbridge East India Dock 58 0
=33rd Andrew Culshaw Horsenden Hill/Perivale Wood 57 0
=33rd Alan Lewis Cassiobury Park 57 0
35th Bob Watts Tower Hamlets Cemetery 56 0
36th Richard Harrison East India Dock 53 0
37th Nathalie Mahieu Fulham Reach 51 0
38th Matthew Palmer Wandsworth Common 47 0
39th James Arquette Alexandra Park 41 0
40th John Archer Thames - Tower Bridge Area 36 0
41st James Arquette Trent Park area 34 0
42nd Graeme Harper Walthamstow Marshes 29 0
43rd Alan Lewis Bankside 24 0

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