Patch List 2006

As of 28th December 2006 6.13pm. Set up by Alan Lewis. Any problems with numbers, etc let me know on

Position Name Location Count
1st Dave Morrison Rainham Marshes 150
2nd Dominic Mitchell Rainham Marshes 142
3rd Tony Duckett Regent's Park 122
4th Dave Morrison Ingrebourne Valley 119
5th David Callahan Walthamstow Res 116
6th Dave Miller Swanscombe Marshes 112
7th Andrew Self Brent Res 111
8th Des McKenzie Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens 108
9th David Darrell-Lambert Rainham Marshes 107
10th Vince Halley-Frame Dagenham Chase 106
11th Geoff Barter Walton 105
12th Martin Sullivan Ruislip Woods 101
13th Peter Lambert Cheshunt GP 99
14th Peter Lambert Rainham Marshes 98
15th Peter Lambert Walthamstow Res 95
J-16th Andrew Self Rainham Marshes 93
J-16th Andrew Culshaw Horsendon Hill 93
J-16th Mark McManus Beech Farm 93
J-19th Dave Morrison West Thurrock Marshes 95
J-19th Dominic Mitchell Alexandra Park 92
21st Peter Lambert Tottenham Marshes 89
22nd David Lindo Wormwood Scrubs 88
23rd Ian Ellis Totteridge Valley 87
24th David Darrell-Lambert West Thurrock 84
J-25th Ian Rose Fishers Green/Hooks Marsh 82
J-25th Dave Spratt Mid Lea Valley 82
J-27th David Darrell-Lambert Chafford Hundred 80
J-27th Ian Ellis Brent Res 80
29th Nick Tanner Isle of Dogs 73
J-30th Chris Langsdon Stoke Newington Res 72
J-30th Lee Walther Thames: Putney Bridge-Hammersmith Bridge 72
32nd Adrian De Leiros London WWT 71
33rd Alan Lewis Bentley Priory 70
34th Andrew Self St James's Park 64
35th Mark Coleman River Stort 63
36th Chris Langsdon Walthamstow Res 62
37th Lee Walther Lonsdale Road Res 60
38th Jill Bracey Barnes Bridge Area 59
39th David Darrell-Lambert St James's Park 58
J-40th Mark Coleman Rye Meads/Amwell 55
J-40th Des McKenzie Surrey Docks 55
J-42nd Paul White Hampstead Heath 53
J-42nd Andy Holmes Hilly Fields/Whitewebbs Park 53
44th Fraser Simpson Sunny Hill Park 51
45th Paul White Walthamstow Res 50
46th Chris Langsdon Rainham Marshes 47
47th Richard Petley Bushey Park 45
J-48th Adrian De Leiros Battersea Park 40
J-48th John Archer Tower Bridge Area 40
J-50th Darin Stanley Harlington Fields 39
J-50th Nick Tanner Victoria Park 39
52nd Fraser Simpson Camley Street NR 29
53rd David Darrell-Lambert Northfleet 27
54th David Darrell-Lambert Purfleet Chalk Pit 26
55th David Darrell-Lambert Thames: Westminster 16