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Calling all bird callers!


My name is Leah Capaldi, I am artist and I need some help from the birding community! I have a very exciting project coming up next week, which is part of the Art Licks Weekend festival. For this, I have been invited to hold a performance at Bermondsey tube station, London in collaboration with Art on the Underground.


Can you or do you know anyone who can imitate any or all of the birds listed below? If so are you free on Sat 5th of Oct anytime from 6.30AM(dawn) till 7PM(dusk)?


Canada Goose


Moore Hen


Golden Plover



Gold Finch

Common Gull

Rock Dove/Feral Pigeon

Wood Pigeon

Peregrine falcon


Song thrush




House Martin

Ring necked Parakeet


Tawny Owl



If you would like to be involved in a mass birding action or would like more information''' '''please contact with ‘Song Information’ in the subject header and we can talk more.


I can reveal a bit more about the project in the next email but at the moment it has to remain top secret, please do get in touch or forward on to anyone who might be interested.


The festival website is:

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