These are some of the illustrations that I have produced over the last 5 years or so.These digitalised images have been taken from originals - Any member of the London Bird Club is welcome to use.

If any are to be incorporated into a leaflet or report, the only request I have would be that the artist name (Myself) is acknowledged in any reproduction of this type. Some of these images have been used by the national trust on wildife leflets and interpretation boards at there wandle valley properties and also by a number of councils....



The Heron taken from extensive observations made while studing the herons at Morden Hall Park. Here pictured catching a Perch. I have tried to capture the speed and action....Also for Perch they always claw at this fish species presumably because of the spines..I don't think they attually like perch to much....Early in spring the Females in particular are seen on the wetlands at the park. sometimes 3,4,5 birds can be seen hunting for Newts, Frogs as they come out of hibernation and return to the pools, ponds and ditches to breed... Amphibains appear therefore to be a very important resource for female Heron pryior to egg laying and incubation.... 


The Kingfisher Increasingly under presure at Morden Hall Park

Bt bird 1

Grey Wagtail

Grey Wagtail.. Migrant with One resident Breeding Pair

Water Rail 1small

Water Rail

Water Rail...Sculky Wetland wader type species... Ideally adapted to life among the the reeds, 

Lesser Spotted

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Lesser Spotteed Woodpecker...Probably one of the scarcest breeding species at Morden Hall Park...Ephemeral breeding population, One of the most enchanted birds you will ever encounter in a river valley or wet woodland. The courtship and display fight, an enchanted dance like a butterfly, performed by the male is one of  natures true secretes....Few people ever get to see it....   

Grt Spotted

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Great Spotted Woodpecker.. Up to 5 Breeding Pairs...This species is an essential species within the woods at Morden Hall Park...Its industrious nature has produced an estimated 900+ holes throughtout the park. These in turn provide opportunities for a whole assemblage of woodland fauna...from Bats ro Mice...

Its a Biodiversity Builder!

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