This patch covers the following areas in Mill Hill where I take my dog walking on Sundays. Species seen or heard from -MILL HILL PARK - ARRANDENE OPEN SPACE - MILL HILL SCHOOL GROUNDS - POETS CORNER (Housing Estate) - MY GARDEN.

2010 Species List.

1:House Sparrow. 2:Dunnock. 3:Wren. 4:Robin. 5:Magpie. 6:Great Tit. 7:Blue Tit. 8:Coal Tit. 9:Ferel Pigeon. 10:Wood Pigeon. 11.Carrion Crow. 12:Jackdaw. 13:Greenfinch. 14:Mistle Thrush. 15:Blackbird. 16:Black-headed Gull. 17:Starling. 18:Great spotted Woodpecker. 19:Goldfinch. 20:Jay. 21:Chaffinch. 22:Song Thrush. 23:Pied Wagtail. 24:Grey Heron. 25:Green Woodpecker, 26:Common Gull. 27:Bullfinch. 28:Fieldfare. 29:Redwing. 30:Long Tailed Tit. 31:Ring-necked Parakeet. 32:Sparrowhawk. 33:Nuthatch. 34: Blackcap. 35: Chiffchaff. 36: Red Kite 37: Swallow. 38: Swift. 39: Whitethroat. 40: Pheasant. 41. Grey Wagtail. 42: Waxwing. 43: Goldcrest

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