There have been several irruptions of this central Asian species into the UK, notably in 1863, 1888-89 and 1907-08.

Accepted records (6 records/about 18 birds)Edit

  • 1863: Forest Gate (Essex), one shot in June (Birds of Essex, S. Wood 2007)
  • 1863: South Mimms (Middx), two males shot in July (Birds of Middlesex, J.E. Harting 1866)
  • 1863: Neasden (Middx), one shot "near Neasden" in August (Birds of Brent Reservoir, WHCG 2002) (see below)
  • 1864: Wanstead Flats (Essex), one shot in July (Birds of Essex, S. Wood 2007)
  • 1889: Barkingside and Fairlop Plain, about 12 present in July (Birds of Essex, S. Wood 2007)
  • 1908: South Ockenden (Essex), one shot on Sept 1st (Birds of the London Area, LNHS 1964)

Unacceptable recordsEdit

  • One reported flying over Hendon on September 23rd 1907. This record was omitted in subsequent publications "presumably on account of the lack of detail" (Birds of the London Area, LNHS 1964)


The record from Neasden in 1863 was omitted from both 'Birds of Middlesex'.

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