A rare winter visitor to the UK, often with flocks of wild geese; escapes from wildfowl collections also seen, either singly or with other wildfowl.

Accepted recordsEdit

  • 1766: 'Near London', one shot in the severe frost of this year (Birds of Middlesex, J.E. Harting 1866).

This specimen is in the museum at Newcastle-on-Tyne and was the one used by Thomas Bewick for his engraving in his 'British Birds'.


It is not clear why Harting included this in his 'Birds of Middlesex' as the location is only given as "Near London" and as it was 100 years before he wrote his book he would have been unable to find out any more details. Writing about White-tailed Eagle, Harting refers to some Yarrell records "within a few miles of London" and quotes Henley among other places which is clearly well outside of the LNHS Area. Therefore there must be some doubt as to whether Red-Breasted Goose should be on the London list if this is the sole record.

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