A scarce visitor to the UK and a former BBRC rarity.

Accepted records (9)Edit

  • 1962: Sevenoaks (Kent), on June 6th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1971: Sevenoaks (Kent), on April 29th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1971: Godstone (Surrey), on May 8th-9th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1985: Hunton Bridge (Herts), on June 20th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1990: Rainham Marshes (Essex), from May 31st to June 17th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1991: Rainham Marshes (Essex), from June 8th-17th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1992: Walthamstow Reservoirs (Essex), on June 2nd (LBR 57)
  • 1996: Walthamstow Reservoirs (Essex), on September 14th (LBR 61)
  • 1999: Horton GP (Bucks), from June 11th-14th (LBR 64)

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