A rare visitor to the UK and a former BBRC rarity.

Accepted records (18)Edit

  • 1974: Broxbourne GP (Herts), male from April 28th-30th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1977: Sevenoaks WR (Kent), male on April 15th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1977: Sevenoaks WR (Kent), male on November 27th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1978: St James's Park (Inner London), male on November 23rd, also at Regent's Park (Inner London) on June 14th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1981: Amwell GP (Herts), male from April 14th to May 14th and again on May 25th-26th (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1989: Yiewsley GP (Bucks)/Little Britain Lake (Middx), female from Jan 14th to May 2nd (LBR 56, Hardwick & Self)
  • 1992: Lonsdale Road Reservoir (Surrey), male on April 20th (LBR 57)
  • 1993: Stocker's Lake (Herts), male from May 14th-17th, also at Broadwater GP (Middx) on May 15th (LBR58)
  • 1995: King George V Reservoir (Essex), female on September 28th-29th, October 21st, November 3rd, 7th and 15th; also at Fishers Green (Essex) on October 8th (LBR 60); seen again at KGV Res on seven dates in 1996 up to April 17th and at Bowyer's GP (Essex) on April 8th and 19th 1996 (LBR 61)
  • 1997: Surrey Docks (Inner London), first-winter male from January 11th to February 13th; also at Blackwall Basin (Middx) on January 26th-27th and February 4th (LBR 62)
  • 1997: Walthamstow Reservoirs (Essex), male on February 24th (LBR 62)
  • 1997: Gatton Park Lake (Surrey), male on March 23rd (LBR 62)
  • 1999: Valentines Park (Essex), female from February 20th to May 8th (LBR 64)
  • 2000: Walton Reservoirs (Surrey), male on April 7th (LBR 65)
  • 2001: Hilfield Park Reservoir (Herts), male on May 20th (LBR 66)
  • 2001: Bourne Hall Park/Court Lake, Ewell (Surrey), first-winter female from Dec 22nd to February 17th 2002; and again from December 5th to February 26th 2003; also seen at Island Barn Reservoir on March 1st 2003 (LBR 66, 67 & 68)
  • 2001: Island Barn/Walton Reservoirs (Surrey), first-winter female from November 25th to May 4th 2002; also seen at Field Common GP (Surrey) and River Ember at East Molesey (Surrey) on several dates in 2002, London Wetland Centre on February 3rd 2002, Beddington SF (Surrey) on February 24th and 26th 2002, Shepperton GP (Middx) from April 4th-14th 2002 and Charlton GP (Middx) on April 6th 2002 (LBR 66 & 67)
  • 2002: Broadwater Lake (Middx) male from May 6th to August 24th (LBR 67)

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