A scarce winter visitor to the UK, occasionally there are signifcant influxes such as in 1974-75.

Accepted recordsEdit

  • 1911: Trent Park (Middx), the remains of one found in a keeper's gibbet near Trent Park (Birds of the London Area, LNHS 1964)
  • 1946: Mill Hill (Middx), one over ploughed fields on December 14th (Birds of the London Area, LNHS 1964)
  • 1974: Joyden's Wood (Kent), one on Oct 24th (LBR 39)
  • 1974: West Drayton (Middx), one on Oct 25th (LBR 39)
  • 1974: Sevenoaks (Kent), one on Nov 10th (LBR 39)

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