Thorney Country Park (map) is a 20-hectare (50-acre) site in the Colne Valley near Iver, Buckinghamshire. The site is owned by Buckinghamshire County Council and forms part of the Colne Valley Regional Park.

History Edit

The country park has been landscaped from an old mineral site that was extracted during the M25 construction.

Habitat Edit

The site includes a lake, a pond, a stream, landscaped grassland, scrub and trees.

Species Edit


The lake and nearby pond are home to many overwintering birds. Usually only contains the common species found on lakes and gravel pits, though in the past Goosander have collected at the site prior to roosting on local reservoirs, otherwise there are no regular special winter wildfowl seen at this site that you will not find elsewhere

Mammals, reptiles and amphibians

Nothing of note


Common butterflies can found in the grass over infill area.

Practicalities Edit


The park is east of Richings Park on Thorney Mill Road (ignore websites that refer to Thorney Mill Lane or Thorney Lane). The car park is permanently closed because of illegal overnight parking. There is sufficent parking on the dead end lane that leads to the site though.


The park is open daily. You could potential have access in a wheel chair though in winter the path which is not maintained around the lake can be flooded or muddy on the southern side.


There was a bird hide overlooking a pond area that is now inaccessable due to vegetation growth and is part vandalised. Otherwise there are no on-site facilities and the picnic area has now gone with no seating area at all. It is well worth a visit as you never know whats going to be visiting.However, close to the park is a pub, the North Star (67 Thorney Mill Road, Iver, SL0 9AH).

This information was initially cobbled together from various internet sources by someone who has never visited the site but thought that it deserved a page on the London Bird Club wiki. If you are familiar with the site, please help to correct, expand and/or update this information.

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