Another cold day that got colder as the morning went on due to a NE breeze. There be snow on the way! The drake Goldeneye ws still around which was a surprise as they rarely stay more than a day. A flock of Lapwings was on the rafts, I counted 11 when they got spooked and had a fly around before returning. When they did this again they picked up a couple of strays to make 13. Later they did it again and the number had got up to 15. After I left it went up to 16. One wonders if they were scanning the skies for odd Lapwings which they went up to rescue?

I did manage one more for the patchlist challenge, a Kingfisher which I heard going along the canal feeder as I returned home, now on 74 of the 79 total species recorded at Brent this year.

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