Another cold day at Brent, no more snow though. And seemingly not much of anything really. No change in duck species apart from one Ruddy Duck (no doubt taking refuge at Brent to avoid being shot!). I decided to look for Chiffchaff in East Marsh but no sign of the 5 that were there in December, then I walked around to Neasden Rec to check the Alders for Siskin. No luck there either. As I walked back home I was thinking there must be Woodcock here somewhere. The path by the side of reservoir takes a big detour to avoid a wet copse with a little stream. As it was unfrozen it looked perfect for a roosting Woodcock so in I went - and out went a Woodcock!! Excellent. A little while later Roy Beddard called to say he'd flushed one from the path on the way to the hide which could have been the same bird. New total: 63.

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