After seeing virtually nothing in wet & windy conditions yesterday I was hopeful for today with the forecast being calmer and even sunny! I spent the first hour and a half doing the monthly WeBS count. It did mean I did a proper check of all the gulls and made sure thetre wasn't anything intersting hiding amongst them. I did see a small flock of gulls fly over with a Great Black-back amongst them which was new for the year and when I was in the hide, I also heard a Linnet going over. Once the count had been completed I had a long walk around the area with Andrew Verrall. The sky looked good for something flying over and we saw a flock of 17 Lapwings and a single Skylark. As we walked up the slope we heard a Treecreeper although we couldn't find it. This was a species we missed last year so it was good to get it on this year's list and it was also a Brent tick for AGV. We couldn't find the Chiffchaff that Roy had earlier but getting 3 new year ticks was good enough.

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