Firstly, a quicl update on yesterday. I omitted Teal from my list so I actually finished the day on 57 species which is pretty respectable. Today was always going to be much tougher. With most of the commoner ticks out of the way, it was down to searching for the elusive ones or hoping something good flew over. Like a Lapwing. It didn't. In fact, nothing flew over at all. Well, OK, that's not quite true, we saw the Little Egret fly in and drop behind the dam again but that was it. What happened to that cold weather movement? There was a light dusting of snow overnight and half of the northern reservoir had frozen over so it was cold enough to get things moving.

Still, at least I could be content with the two year ticks I did manage, even if I failed to see either of them! From the main hide I heard a Reed Bunting call while over in the allotments a Bullfinch was calling repeatedly but failed to show itself. New total 59 species. Now can we have some more snow plese!

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