I didn't expect to add anything to my Brent list today as it was a work day. However, it had snowed in Westminster all morning and was getting heavier by early afternoon so I thought I'd leave early while the Jubilee Line was still running! By the time I arrived in Neasden it was nearly a blizzard and the snow had settled to a depth of about 10 centimetres or 4 inches if you're over 60.

With a bit of daylight remaining I went up Neasden Rec with the intention of scanning the wildfowl for anything interesting. It was quite hard work as the only open patches were on the far bank and the snow was coming down heavily - straight into my scope. Needless to say I didn't see much except I did flush a Meadow Pipit on the way which was new for the year so it was worth it after all! And the Little Egret was on the canal feeder as I arrived home although I'm not sure which one of us was whiter as the snow had accumulated on me.

New total: 60.

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