Sorry if someone has already mentioned this but plans are well ahead to open up Walthamstow Reservoirs to:

Cyclists (there is ALREADY a cycle path along the river so no need for them to enter the reservoirs area)



Install a cafe

"make it more accessible to the public" by doing the above and perhaps organising educational things, guided walks, etc.

1) It is already accessible to ANYONE who calls at the office on Ferry Road and pays £1 (except children and dogs!)

2) The wildlife can be seen fairly close to, young waterbirds/ducklings/goslings with their parents wander about on the path or nearby on the banks as they are used to the calm quiet environment, walkers and fishermen.  If children and dogs are allowed in, I believe it is inevitable that young birds will be injured and possibly killed - plenty of children think it is great to chase birds, and the poor young gangly herons will be irresistible to dogs.  I also wonder what will happen when a goose or swan with young feels it necessary to attack a child who has got too close. 

3) letting cyclists use the reservoirs as a throughway will, likewise, endanger the wildlife and scare the birds and other wild animals away. 

4) We don't need a cafe, we don't need another big park - there is Springfield Park very close by and The Ferry Boat pub (which does food).

Thames Water are not objecting to this because, I assume,  they will be paid by Waltham Forest Council for these developments on their land.  If you feel strongly about this as, obviously, I and others do, please complete the survey

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